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There are no cookie cutter heating and cooling systems that fit every home.  To ensure your comfort and satisfaction, J.C. Robinson & Sons will correctly size your system, install only quality materials and equipment, meticulously design and seal ductwork, communicate with architects and builders, and get the job done right from the beginning, to save you from a lot of problems later on.  We’ll make absolutely sure your home is ready for the brutal Ottawa winters and summer heat, and every part of your HVAC system will fit unobtrusively into your home design.

J.C. Robinson & Sons‘s team of professionals will examine your designs and install the most durable and energy efficient system to perfectly meet your home temperature and comfort needs.  Our goal is to eliminate worries and concerns during and after the construction process, and deliver 100% satisfaction.  We partner with the leading names in heating and cooling, and as the largest York Certified Dealer in Eastern Ontario, you can trust the talent and experience of our design and installation team to deliver a final product that is superior in quality, functionality, energy consumption and temperature control.

J.C. Robinson & Sons: The New Home Construction HVAC Experts
Ottawa, ON

  Your air ducts are one of the most essential systems in your home and if the ducts are inadequately designed, sealed or insulated, they will contribute to higher energy bills.  The HVAC professionals from J.C. Robinson & Sons will develop a tailor-made duct system to fit your budget and expectations, and utilize the highest level of materials and equipment.

Without professional design, a poorly sized or calibrated HVAC system will result in excessively high energy bills and more frequent repairs.  It is far less likely that a carefully and correctly designed system will break down and require replacement as quickly as one that is improperly sized and installed.  Whether you’re a homeowner building your dream-house, or adding to your existing structure, heating and cooling design is a crucial factor in the construction of your home.

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You’ve seen to every last detail of your home design to perfectly suit your needs.  Don’t overlook the importance of heating and cooling.  Since 1923, J.C. Robinson & Sons has met and exceeded the expectations of homeowners and builders in Ottawa, ON.  We strive to surpass expectations and deliver sophisticated and proven solutions to every aspect of your home comfort.  From ductwork to heating and cooling equipment, right down to every last register, the professionals from J.C. Robinson & Sons will see all components, ensuring quality, durability and lasting satisfaction.

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