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Our knowledgeable, factory-trained sales and service staff will provide solutions you can afford for your existing equipment—or help you select new equipment that will provide years of worry-free, efficient operation.

Eastern Ontario’s Largest Daikin and York Dealer

J.C. Robinson & Sons has been a certified York dealer for more than 40 years. York is synonymous with quality, producing leading edge, energy-efficient, long-lasting units that we have come to trust.

In addition to Daikin and York heating and cooling systems, we carry:

  • NTI gas boilers
  • Fujitsu and Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners and heat pumps
  • Broan electric furnaces
  • Aprilaire air cleaners and humidifiers
  • Bradford White and John Wood water heaters
  • vanEE ventilation products
  • Sanuvox UV air treatment systems
  • Humidity control equipment from Dectron for indoor pools and spas
  • WaterFurnace geothermal heat pumps
DM97MC 98% Efficient Gas Furnaces from Daikin
The DM97MC high-efficiency gas furnaces are the best furnaces built today with all the features and options possible.


LX Series 96% Efficient Gas Furnaces from York
The TM9V offers high-efficiency, energy-efficient technology with two stage gas operation and premium variable-speed ECM fan operation.

Latitude Series 95% Efficient Gas Furnaces from York
The TM9E offers York’s dependability with single stage gas operation.





Daikin DX16SA
With a cooling performance up to 16 SEER along with a high density compressor blanket you can count on energy savings and quiet operation for many summers to come. This unit is backed by a Daikin 12 year parts warranty.


Daikin DX13SA
This 13 SEER unit has a surprisingly small footprint while keeping up with today’s efficiency requirements. Its small size, quiet operation, and a 12 year parts warranty make it one of Daikin’s most reliable air conditioning units.

York YFD
York’s LX Series has one distinct difference over most current York air conditioning units. It utilizes the proven copper tube in fin design. This 13 SEER unit offers reliability and efficiency backed by a York 10 year parts warranty.





Daikin Heat Pump
Every Daikin heat pump is efficient and dependable, offering worry-free comfort. Daikin heat pumps utilize a scroll compressor design with fewer moving parts and greater dependability.



When you choose a Trinity Boiler, you choose the ultimate in top-quality, high-efficiency boilers. Count on years of trouble-free, safe, and comfortable heat. Choose the Trinity Ti boiler for most residential applications. A Trinity Ti Combi boiler combines domestic hot water heating and space heating in one unit. For commercial applications the Trinity LX series boilers are a perfect fit. With a 98% AFUE rating they are among the most efficient boilers on the market.






Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Solutions
Ductless mini split systems are great for solving problem areas where your cooling or heating system does not work in parts of your home or for remodels and additions.


As a solution to challenging areas for homes and businesses, Mitsubishi offers Mr. Slim Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems. Mr. Slim M-Series systems are a perfect solution for Server Rooms, IT rooms, Offices, New Additions and Retrofits, Garages, Basements or even Sun Rooms.

There are several models to choose from for both commercial and residential applications. Mr. Slim Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems even come in Multi-Zone Packages with multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit and the indoor units work independently of each other at all times.





Aprilaire provides whole-house air solutions with such products as whole-house air cleaners, humidifiers, and more. To help you protect the health and comfort of your family, the only truly effective solution is a whole-house solution. We sell Aprilaire filters over the counter! More Info



Sanuvox R+ In-duct UV Air Puification System
The Sanuvox R+ represents an evolution in UV In-Duct Air Treatment. The high-efficiency patented design destroys airborne bio-chemical contaminants while providing important user information on the 3″ Back-Lit LCD display.





A vänEE ventilation or filtration system is built to last, ensuring that you and your family will enjoy clean, fresh air in your home for years to come. vänEE products provide central ventilation and filtration, which effectively eliminate airborne pollutants and excess humidity, protecting your family’s health.






Clean, quiet, and efficient furnaces provide electrically controlled comfort throughout your home. Electric heat requires no flue pipe. This means 100% of the heat produced stays inside the building. For complete comfort, add air conditioning, flow-thru humidifier or media air cleaner as desired. Broan Electric furnaces are the standard for electric heat. ECM fan motor units are available for consumers that want to upgrade from PSC motors.






Dectron developed the DRY-O-TRON energy recycling pool dehumidifier over 25 years ago. An indoor pool or spa presents many obstacles in respect to comfort. From excess humidity levels to high air temperatures the DRY-O-TRON is the solution. It removes excess humidity in the air and recycles that heat back in the pool water. Air conditioning is also available on select DRY-O-TRON units.